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Sidedress Phosphorus + MicroEssentials

Keep nutrients in the Right Place, where crops can use them.
A soil test showed a relatively low phosphorus level, so we selected a demonstration of Mosaic’s Micro-Essentials (MESZ) applied as a side-dress (plant nutrients placed on or in the soil near the roots of a growing crop) treatment to provide an additional boost in available phosphorus.
MESZ allows uniform nutrient distribution and provides essential nutrients crops need in one granule. It has two forms of sulfur for season-long nutrition.
It was side-dressed at two rates with a control plot where it was not applied.

Herb and Aaron Steffen, of Cropsey, Ill., operate a 900 acre grain farm in southern Livingston and northern Mclean counties. Two thirds of the acreage is devoted to continuous corn with one third in a corn/soybean rotation.
Minimum tillage practices are used to leave at least 30% residue on the soil surface.
Nitrogen is applied after the corn has emerged, and when the plant needs are the greatest, to minimize loss of nitrogen through leaching.
Currently there are three test plots on the Steffen farm.

Right Source

Match fertilizer type to crop needs

Select appropriate nutrient sources for cropping system
Test soils
Consider N, P, K secondary and micronutrient
Consider enhanced efficiency fertilizers
Plan nutrient regimen

Right Time

Make nutrients available when crops need them

Time the application
Consider controlled release technologies and inhibitors
Choose fertilizer product

Right Place

Keep nutrients where crops can use them

Choose application method
Incorporate fertilizer
Use buffer strips
Use conservation tillage
Implement cover crop systems

Right Rate

Match amount of fertilizer to crop needs
Test soils
Yield goal analysis
Crop removal balance
Nutrient management planning
Plant tissue analysis
Record keeping
Variable rate technology
Site-specific management