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Agrium's ESN v. Urea

Agrium designed ESN®, a polymer coated urea, to slow the release of nitrogen into the environment. This is allows the plant to access nitrogen when it needs it the most.

ESN® yielded the highest in all of the trials. The maximum economic rate of nitrogen (MERN) was...More

Application Timing

We designed this study to demonstrate the differences in nitrogen rates and yields with different urea application times.

Spring timing gave the best return to nitrogen dollars spent. Fall had the worst return and lowest yield. 2011 weather patterns favored spring application....More

Phosphorus Sidedress with MicroEssentials®
A soil test of the field showed a relatively low phosphorus level, so we demonstrated The Mosaic Company's MicroEssentials applied as a side-dress (plant nutrients placed on or in the soil near the roots of a growing crop to provide an additional boost in available phosphorus) in a...More

Strip Tillage Fall Nitrogen Application

We designed this study to demonstrate differences in nitrogen rates and yields under the same nitrogen product, where the producer planted corn for two consecutive growing seasons.

We conducted this trial to:
  • demonstrate strip...More

SUPERU®, a urea based product, contains urease and denitrification inhibitors within the fertilizer granule.

Koch Agronomic Services created SUPERU® to increase crops’ nitrogen uptake and efficiency.

We ...More