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Know Your Watershed FAQ

What is Know Your Watershed?
It is a coordinated national effort to encourage the formation of local, voluntary watershed partnerships and help assure that these partnerships successfully attain their goals.
Who sponsors it?
The initiative was sponsored by more than 70 diverse National Partners representing private and public corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Each National Partner agreed to provide financial and/or in-kind support.

Who coordinates it?
The national effort was coordinated by the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC), a non-profit data and technology information transfer center.
What do you do?
In addition to coordinating the National Watershed Network, National Watershed Calendar, and many other on-going tools for watershed coordinators, the effort also...
  • Stimulated multiplication of consistent messages among all National Partners to state and local leaders of organizations, government agencies and companies.
  • Served as a conduit between National Partners who have useful tools and coordinators of local watershed partnerships.
  • Shared state activities and successes with state-level stakeholders in other states and regions.
  • Facilitated and/or encouraged broad-based state-level partnerships that encourage and provide support to local watershed partnerships.
  • Encouraged use and sharing of processes and methods that have been found to work successfully for watershed coordinators.